Welcome to Consistent Running


"I am committed to providing the best coaching service I can, using proven training principles to help you achieve your running goals.
Helping others work towards a lifelong enjoyment of running is what drives me."
Owner, [Glen Smetherham]


Glen is a Level 2 Advanced Recreational Running Coach, accredited with Athletics Australia. He is always working on finding the best methods and training practices that will help you reach your running goals, whether they are completing a 5km to a marathon (or longer). He has also competed in over 30 ultramarathons and other endurance events and has the experience to balance the knowledge of scientifically-backed training principles.


The Consistent Running community is made up of other runners just like you. Some are starting out, while others may be working towards more advanced running goals. If you need help with your running mojo, just reach out and there will be other runners willing to help, either with motivation or when possible, finding a running buddy.


The focus at Consistent Running is always on how you are responding to your training and working towards your goals. With a dynamic training plan to follow, and the commitment and feedback provided by yourself,  we can work together to help achieve your short and long term running goals while enjoying the process and developing a lifelong love of running.


Benefits and Services

Consistent Running provides the following products and services.

  •   Personal Online Run Coaching
  •   4 Week Training Plans
  •   Consistent Runner Membership (coming soon)
  •   Lactate testing (coming soon)
  •   Online store

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