Kirsten: Consistent Runner

I initially started running to lose weight in January 2016. In August 2017, I joined a little running group called Carine darkrun. The members were so welcoming and inclusive even for a beginner like myself. Randy took me on my first group trail run and I was bitten by the running bug. I started ramping up my “training” and signed myself up for the Australia Day Ultra 25km. I managed to finish the race with some half-arsed training and a not-too-shabby time (2:56:26) and I was inspired to go further and faster.
Other runners I mingled with, had coaches and I hummed and ha’ed whether I should get myself one. I then set myself the challenge to run the Yaberoo Ultra. I knew 50km is not a distance to mess around with and decided to sign up with Glen from Consistent Running. (Being the race director of the Yaberoo might prove an advantage for me.) He had presented a hills training presentation at Carine darkrun and his methodical approach suited my scientific background. I started training with Glen in April 2018, in less than 3 months, I have improved my 5km time from roughly 27:18 to 25:30 and I am sure my sub 25min goal is not far out of reach. I am running an average of 60+ km without injury. Glen’s sense of humour and kind, friendly manner make him a pleasure to work with. He takes into account your lifestyle and commitments and sets the workouts to suit. He provides regular feedback on my runs and answers any queries I have promptly and with lots of detail. With less than 3 weeks to go to my first ultra, I am feeling confident that I will finish strong and injury-free. I’ve already signed up for my next race and I know Glen will get me prepared for the challenge. I can recommend Glen for both beginner runners or those with more experience